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Wooden Cabbage Shredders 2in1 package

Wooden Cabbage Shredders 2in1 package

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  • 2 in 1 package – get your shredders for less!
  • Package includes both Small and Large Wooden Cabbage Shredder
  • Natural beech wood
  • Resistant to water exposure
  • Stainless steel blades
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Wooden Cabbage Shredders 2in1 package

Whether you want to shred a mountain of cabbage for your winter’s supply of sauerkraut, or just prepare a quick salad, the 2 in 1 package gets you the perfect tools for the job, and for a better price! The package includes wooden cabbage shredders in two sizes professional (large one) and compact (smaller one) – covering the entire spectrum of your shredding requirements.

The Right Tool for the Job

You don’t have to be a certified chef to prepare delicious and healthy vegetable-based meals in your own kitchen. Recipes for super-healthy foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, chutney, coleslaw and vegetable salads are incredibly simple and easy to follow, in theory. However, in practice, your culinary endeavors can turn into a tedious and protracted nightmare, unless you pick the right tool for the job. And when it comes down to shredding vegetables, the only right tool we recommend is the traditional wooden cabbage shredder.
The market is saturated with overpriced high-tech slicers and cutters. With their many parts and complicated assembly, the simple vegetable recipes don’t look that simple anymore. If you want to keep your food preparation simple, choose a tool that is simple to use – choose the wooden cabbage shredder.

The Professional Size

The professional size shredder is ideal for handling larger quantities of cabbage and other leafy vegetables. The large body is made of almost three pounds of wood, which ensures shredding stability. You can shred an entire cabbage at once. Just place it in the finger safety box and slide it across the blades. Preparing a large batch of sauerkraut or other fermented foods is going to be quick and effortless.

The Compact Size

The compact frame allows you more movement and ease of handling. The smaller frame is perfect for quick shredding of smaller amounts of veggies. Your salads or coleslaw will be ready in a matter of minutes. The compact cabbage shredder has a convenient handle, which enables you to hold it with one hand, while you shred with the other. You don’t have to clear your kitchen counter, just place it above the pot and shred.

Product Characteristics

Our wooden shredders are produced in Poland ( Europe), the homeland of sauerkraut. The traditional design has stood the test of time for generations. They are made of beech wood, known for its super-durability and resistance to water. The wood does not stain or warp, even after prolonged exposure to water, and it requires no chemical treatment. The blades are made of stainless steel and they are extremely sharp, ensuring fast and effortless shredding. All our wooden cabbage shredders come with a lifetime limited warranty.(please see our terms of service to find out more)