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Professional Size Cabbage Shredder

Professional Size Cabbage Shredder

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  • Best suited for large amounts of cabbage/vegetables
  • 100 % hard and tough beech wood
  • Resistant to water exposure
  • Thin cuts, stainless steel blades
  • Firm-hold notch
  • Finger safety box
  • Size: 22.5” (57cm) x 7.25” (18cm)
  • Height: without safety box – 1.5” (6 cm); with finger safety box – 2.75” (9cm)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
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Professional Size Cabbage Shredder

Making sauerkraut at home is a very simple process. You need a container, such as a fermentation crock pot , some salt, and, of course, finely shredded cabbage. However, this is where the fun and simple process can get extremely tedious. Shredding an abundant amount of cabbage can be a difficult and boring task, unless you have the proper tool for the job. A standard kitchen slicer is just too small. What you need is the professional size cabbage shredder.

Heavy Duty Cabbage Shredding

The sauerkraut making process has only a few steps, but each of them has its pitfalls. One of the the most important step is shredding. You have to make sure your cabbage is sliced as thoroughly as possible if you want your fermentation to be successful. Fermenting cabbage is a great way to secure a source of healthy nutrients for the winter. However, to prepare a plentiful stock of sauerkraut, you need to cut a lot of cabbage. Using a knife, a standard cutter or a kitchen mandolin would take forever and would produce unevenly cut cabbage, plus, your hands would be sore for days. Electric slicers are expensive, complicated to operate and wash and they make a lot of noise. The only reasonable way to go is with the large wooden cabbage shredder.

Looking for the best product design, we went back to the roots. Our shredders are produced in Poland, the homeland of sauerkraut. The traditional design has worked for generations, and it is still the best in the market.

The Wooden Body

Staying true to the original design, we use beech wood for our products. Beech is traditionally used for its extraordinary durability. It can withstand years and years of exposure to water without staining or warping. Our products are completely natural and untreated with paint, oil or any other chemical substances.

The body of the P rofessional Size Shredder is made of almost three pounds of pure beech wood. It is extremely sturdy and it will give you proper stability during shredding. There is a holding notch carved out near the top of the body to ensure a firm grip. For safe and easy handling, there is a finger safety box.  Just place the cabbage in the wooden box and enjoy as it runs smoothly along its groove with the slightest push.

The Blades

This heavy duty tool has three stainless steel blades set for thin cutting. The surgically-sharp blades will enable you to shred huge amounts of cabbage without spending a lot of time and energy.

We suggest that you use cut resistant gloves for your hand protection (not provided).

The Professional Size Cabbage Shredder is the perfect tool for fast and effortless shredding of large quantities of cabbage. The time-tested design guarantees efficiency, while the choice of materials and the quality of production guarantee durability and product longevity. We make our tools to last, and to back that up, we deliver our tools with a lifetime limited warranty! (please see our terms of service to find out more)

How to shred cabbage for sauerkraut with cabbage shredder:

Cut the cabbage in quarters or as you see fit. Place the cut cabbage inside the sliding box, apply finger pressure on top of the cabbage as needed, start shredding and observe the shred's  shape and size. Adjust the position of the cabbage inside the box and see what is the best position for the desired cuts size and the ease of shredding.
Always watch your fingers as the blades are extremely sharp.

This cabbage shredder is now stored, sold and shipped in England, EU and Australia. We are happy to speed up the delivery process for our UK and Australian customers that make sauerkraut, coleslaw or kimchi. 

We do accept wholesale orders for cabbage shredders, vegetable slicers. Please send us an email to ask for the wholesale prices.