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Cabbage Shredder, Vegetable Slicer for Sauerkraut, Salads, Coleslaw - Flat Surface Model

Cabbage Shredder, Vegetable Slicer for Sauerkraut, Salads, Coleslaw - Flat Surface Model

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  • Super easy to use & wash
  • Three very sharp, replaceable stainless steel blades
  • With finger protection box
  • Made from durable and water resistant solid wood
  • Very thins cuts, perfect for sauerkraut, salads, vegetable slicing / shredding
  • Size 22.5x7.2x3.75"(57.5x18.3x9.5cm)
  • Handmade in Poland, Europe
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Vegetable Slicer, Shredder

The pure look of natural wood, top craftsmanship and seamless performance will capture the attention of anyone in the kitchen. In order to process large amount of cabbage with ease and efficiency this shredder has a sturdy body made out of almost 4 lb of pure beech, alder and birch wood. This combination of wood is traditionally used to produce toughness and ability to withstand prolonged exposure to water without warping or molding. Natural, no oil, polish or stain, chemical free surface. Three sharp blades, made out of stainless steel speed up the shredding and efficiency with every move and produce thin cuts. In this second generation of the professional cabbage shredder we designed the finger safety box to slide on the tracks carved on the outer body of the shredder. The finger safety box moves smoothly along the channel tracks. Due to the new design the box size is bigger and fits larger cabbage size. The top surface is flat and blades are positioned on the top of the surface. The internal size of the finger safety box is 7.2x7.2x3,75". With this box the shredding is much easier as the user does not have to hold the cabbage but only the box during the movements. Only light pressure is needed on the top of the cabbage. Size - 22.5" x 5.9" x 1.15" (without the finger safety box), 22.5x7.2x3.75" (with the safety box). European quality, Made in Poland by traditional craftsman!

This cabbage shredder is now stored and shipped within Australia and New Zealand. This finally reduces cost and waiting times for our Cabbage Shredder users in Australia and New Zealand.