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Book - 100+ Fermented Food Recipes

Book - 100+ Fermented Food Recipes

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100+ Fermented Food Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes

Recipe Book by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey

If you are looking to learn about the glorious world of naturally preserved foods, there is no one better to introduce you to it than the authors of this book. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey are seasoned food farmers who have explored hundreds of fermented food recipes from around the world and listed them in this practical and comprehensive book.

The Subject Matter

For a few decades, the availability of frozen and canned cabbage, tomatoes, turnips, beets and other vegetables made the traditional methods of food preservation seem complicated and obsolete. However, the latest scientific research reveals that freezing and canning of greens destroys their healthy nutrients. And you don’t need scientists to tell you that it also kills the natural flavor. Looking to find a healthier way to keep food tasty and healthy over prolonged periods of time, people are rediscovering the olden methods of food preservation. Fermentation not only preserves, but also enhances the vitamins in cabbage and other tasty veggies. But there is more to these foods than just their healthy properties. Fermented foods are simply delicious.

The Book

This book details various methods of food preservation, from making traditional sauerkraut to pickling and brining of 64 veggies and herbs. It also features over a hundred recipes for the preparation of delicious dishes with sour cabbage and other pickled veggies. This book is more than just a valuable collection of fermented food recipes. It is also a precious journal of the authors’ own triumphs and pitfalls on their lifelong journey of healthy food preservation.

The book is divided in four parts:

  • The first part gives essential information on pickling fundamentals. The authors get into detail about what happens under the brine and discuss the importance of salt. They even discuss recipes without salt.
  • The next part provides a comprehensive tutorial on sauerkraut recipes, brine pickling and kimchi. In addition to the fermented vegetables recipes, the authors provide a troubleshooting guide with invaluable insights from their own extensive experience.
  • In part 3, you will find information on a wide variety of veggies and their performance in the crock. Again, the authors provide precious tips and suggestions along with the recipes.
  • The final part features recipes for the preparation of dishes with preserved food. Learn how to use the naturally preserved veggies in healthy and savory specialties from all over the world. Discover an entire galaxy of different chutneys, kimchis, krauts and many other mouth-watering meals.

Final Words

This book is a comprehensive source of technical information and fermented food recipes, with invaluable insights and tips from the authors’ personal experience. It doesn’t matter if you are about to make your first sauerkraut, or have extensive pickling experience - this book is a must-have for everyone.