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Swissmar V-Mandolin Slicer

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Swissmar V-Mandolin Slicer


For those of you who prefer something more versatile than classical wooden cabbage shredder we offer the V-Power Mandolin slicer. This high quality mandolin (vegetable slicer) produces up to ten different cuts (slice, shred, julienne, cube, french fries..) and uses leading edge technology and design. With V-Power Mandoline slicer you can discover the secret of real chefs in their kitchens.

Mandolin Slicer consists of a long rectangular cutting surface in which are mounted the V-shaped slicing blades. There are three removable inserts that slide in and out of a slot above the blades. They each perform different style of slicing. The first (reversible) performs 3.5mm and 7mm cuts. The other two create thin and tick julienne strips. The inserts are easy to switch and even easier to clean.

All components are kept in an included plastic case which keeps the parts organized and easy to find. The blades are very sharp and all the slicing is done with a minimum force/pressure. The hand guard included in the kit is designed to minimize the danger of these sharp blades. There are five metal prongs that hold the vegetable in place. They are placed inside an ergonomically designed pusher that helps push it towards the blades without exposing of fingers.

You will appreciate how easy to use and versatile this slicer is.

Set includes:

  • Swissmar V-Mandolin Slicer / Shredder
  • 2 blades inserts
  • 1 plane insert with “SAFE” setting
  • Food safety holder
  • Insert storage caddy
  • Instruction manual