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  • top-view mini vegetable slicer with finger safety box
  • side-view mini vegetable slicer
  • mini vegetable slicer with apple, onion and yellow bell pepper

Mini Vegetable Slicer

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Mini Vegetable Slicer

Small but effective solid wood vegetable slicer-shredder for convenient daily use. Perfect for slicing onions, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, leeks, potatoes and other veggies. Three super sharp stainless steel blades are making this tool amazingly effective. The slices are very thin so you can rest assured that your salads will be digestible, easy to chew and more appealing, especially for the young children. Mini size makes this slicer very convenient to use, wash and store after daily cooking or salad making. The wooden finger protection box will protect your fingers while enabling an easy use. The Mini Slicer is made out of beech wood traditionally used for this purpose for its toughness and the resistance to water. Mini Vegetable Slicer is made by hand in Slovenia. Size – 12″ x 3 3/8″ x 1.5 “