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  • open lid 10 liter ceramic fermenting crock next to two weighting stones
  • closed lid 5 liter ceramic fermenting crock next to weighting stones

Fermenting Crock by TSM Products, 5 l

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TSM Products Fermenting Crock

So, you’ve decided to make your own homemade sauerkraut. Congratulations! Sauerkraut, kimchi or chutney are delicious and they offer numerous benefits for your health. They are also ridiculously easy to make in the comfort of your kitchen, if you make sure that you have all the right tools. Beside the quality of your shredder the success of your first batch also depends on the type of the container you use for the fermentation of your cabbage or other vegetables. There are different types of containers in the market, but your most reliable option is to use a fermenting crock.

Why a Fermenting Crock?

It is very important that the fermentation process takes place in a sealed, air-free container. This eliminates the risk of harmful molds forming on top of the brine and ruining your batch. Plastic buckets, pickle jars and regular ceramic pots are not air-tight, even if they have clamp-lids. However, the fermenting crocks feature water-seal lids which keep the delicious contents in an anaerobic environment. Vegetables preserved this way don’t lose any of their healthy nutrients, and you can rely on the stoneware crocks to protect your vitamin stock throughout the entire winter.

How does the Water-Seal Work?

The lid is designed so that it forms a one-way water seal. Once your fermenting crock is packed with finely shredded vegetables (use a quality cabbage shredder for the best results), you place the closing lid into the groove around the opening of the pot and fill the groove with water (make sure that the groove is always filled with water). The seal keeps the air, dust and insects out of the fermenting crock, while allowing the fermentation gasses to bubble out through the water in the groove. There will be no unpleasant smell of the ferment escaping the lid, and the air-lock also protects the full flavor of the pickled vegetables and all of their healthy ingredients such as vitamins and beneficial bacteria.

Stone Weights, Material and Sizes

Your vegetables should be completely submerged in brine during the fermentation period. That is why each fermenting crock is delivered with two semi-circular weighting stones, designed to fit snuggly into the pot and keep the shredded cabbage or veggies submerged about an inch below the brine surface with their weight.

All of the TSM-Products ceramic crocks are glazed with food-safe glaze, free of lead and cadmium, suitable for long-term food storage. They are ideal for making your own chutney, kimchi, sauerkraut and many other fermented delicacies. They are available in two sizes or volumes: 5 and 10 liter crocks. If you are about to make your first batch of sauerkraut or other pickled delicacies, the 5L pot is the perfect place for you to start. The 5 liter volume is enough to impress a dinner party of 3-4 guests with your gourmet pickled food. Once you taste the delicious results of your first attempt, you will definitely want to try different recipes and crock sizes!