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  • 10 liter fermentation crock pot with weighting stones
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  • Brown glazed ceramic fermentation crock

Fermentation Crock by K&K Ceramic, 10 l (2.6 Gal)

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K&K Keramik Fermentation Crock Pot

Making your own kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles or other fermented foods is a fairly simple process. Yet, you need to perform every step of the process with attention to detail, otherwise your entire batch will be turned to waste. All steps of the process are important, but the most important one is choosing a reliable, air-tight container. The best way to ensure that your vegetables are fermented in an air-free environment is to use a fermentation crock. The K&K ceramic crocks have water-seal lids which guarantee you the perfect fermentation of healthy and delicious vegetables.

Air-Free Fermentation

Once you shred your vegetables (for best results, we recommend using quality wooden cabbage shredders) and pack them in the fermentation crock, it is very important to keep them in an air-free environment. This prevents harmful molds from forming on the brine surface. Regular pots, pickle jars and plastic containers are not as safe because their lids are not airtight.

The K&K fermentation crock has a water airlock lid which prevents air, dust and insects from contaminating the contents. Just place the lid into its groove at the opening of the pot, and fill the groove with water. This water-seal keeps your vegetables safe from the air outside, but at the same time allows the carbon dioxide and other gasses created by the fermentation to evaporate from the inside. You will be able to hear the water in the seal bubbling as the gasses escape the ferment, but there will be no unpleasant smell or fruit flies around your kitchen. The airlock system preserves healthy vegetables without losing that delicious flavor or any of the healthy ingredients.

Weighting Stones

During the fermentation, it is important to keep your vegetables completely submerged in brine. Two weighting stones designed for this purpose are included in the package. You place the semicircular stones on top of your vegetables so that the brine level is at least an inch above the stones. To keep the finely shredded pieces from floating up between and around the weighting stones, you can place one or two whole cabbage leaves on top of your batch before you place the stone weights in the fermentation crock.

Ceramic Walls

Proper fermentation temperature is very important. The thick ceramic walls of these crock pots are designed to keep the temperature constant and ensure that your batch of sauerkraut or kimchi maintains that rich depth of flavor. The 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) thick walls also make this stoneware very durable. The ceramic is glazed with food safe glaze, fired at 1260° C, free of lead and cadmium. The shiny glaze of the sunburst brown stoneware standing next to your traditional wooden cabbage shredder will add that impressive vintage touch to your kitchen. Your guests will be impressed even more when they try the delicacies you prepared in your fermentation crock!