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Cutting & Chopping Board End Grain Maple – SliceTop

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SliceTop is a Canadian quality brand that focuses on food preparation surfaces made out of wood. SliceTop end grain maple cutting boards are 100 % produced in Canada from hard and durable Canadian maple wood. The widely known durability of Canadian maple and the sturdy design provide the best cutting board for all your food prep needs. Unlike other wooden chopping boards with glued on or otherwise attached handles, our product has recessed handles – impossible to break, yet providing a great grip. Each board is pre-oiled with food safe mineral oil. Maple wood cutting boards are reversible too. One side has juice groove and one is flat. This makes them extra versatile. We use hard maple wood which is food safe and very cut and impact resistant but not so hard that it will dull your knives. In addition maple wood is closed-grained hardwood. This means it has smaller pores than most of other woods used for cutting boards. This attribute translates into superior blocking of moisture and stains. SliceTop maple cutting boards will last you a life time as long as they are maintained properly. Like any wood they are NOT dish washer safe. Rinse under running water, do not submerge the board in water. All SliceTop cutting boards are purposely made extra thick 1.5 ” (4 cm) as that brings extra quality, beauty and strength out of each board. This board size is Large – 19x12x1.5″ (48x31x4 cm). We offer LifeTime Warranty as long as the boards are maintained properly. Enjoy your SliceTop!

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR WOODEN CUTTING BOARD: Do not put your wood cutting board in the dishwasher. Do not soak in water. Hand wash with warm water, wipe with a cloth or a piece of paper and let it air dry. Do not use soap, to get rid of stains use baking soda or coarse salt too. Use a wet sponge or a brush to scrub out the stains. Oil once every month or two with food safe mineral wood oil to bring out the natural beauty of the maple wood and grain.