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  • Cutting board with containers by ChopSlide
  • Cutting board with containers by ChopSlide
  • ChopSlide chopping board with stainless steel containers
  • ChopSlide cutting board with detachable food prep containers
  • Wooden cutting board with detachable containers
  • ChopSlide wooden cutting board with food prep containers

Cutting board with containers – ChopSlide

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ChopSlide Cutting Boards

Cooking fresh should be fun and healthy. But the pace of modern life often leaves you without enough energy or time to enjoy this activity. It becomes a chore. Even for the most basic meal, you have to bring out the old chopping board, a bunch of bowls, jars and pots, and the result is not what you had hoped for. Half of the food ends up on the floor, most of the leftover parts end up beside the recycle bin, not in it. In short a real mess.

But it does not have to be this way. ChopSlide cutting board with containers is a neat kitchen tool, and it is going to revolutionize your cooking efficiency.

ChopSlide cutting board with containers saves time and provides more work space in your kitchen

ChopSlide has a patent pending system of detachable stainless steel containers, positioned so that their top is levelled with the cutting board surface. This enables you to effortlessly slide the chopped cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies into a container or leftovers into a different container, designated for that purpose. Just one sweep of the knife and everything neatly falls into its place. From there on you can use the containers to transfer the prepped food into a salad bowl, pot or a crock, or replace it with a different container, and store the full ones in your freezer or refrigerator. The practical design of the board saves you a lot of time and effort. As containers are positioned right next to the cutting board it feels like having an extra pair of hands helping you. It also saves your countertop space, since all the containers sort of “hang” from the chopping board. There is no need to have several different dishes out on your counter. The ChopSlide set comes with 4 containers in three sizes: large, medium and small. However, you can order any number of additional stainless steel containers, from the ChopSlide web site.

Durable wooden cutting board with a handle and rubber feet for easy handling

ChopSlide boards are one and a half inches thick, Canadian maple hardwood boards. This means they are exceptionally durable, without being too blocky or heavy. However they are as durable and stable as those butchers’ blocks, but not because their weight or thickness. The durability comes from the Canadian maple, a tree widely known for its sturdiness. Stability is ensured by rubber feet on the bottom, which prevent the ChopSlide from sliding around your countertop, causing mess. You get all the advantages of a big block of wood, but without the extra weight. These cutting boards are easy to move around, wash and maintain. In addition they are built with inset handles, which give you a proper grip of the board. The top quality hardwood becomes even more impervious to moisture absorption and knife marks if treated with ChopSlide wood protection oil twice a month.

Multi-purpose stainless steel containers

ChopSlide containers have slick and practical design – the containers can be nested when they are not in use, they don’t harbor bacteria, they are super-easy to keep clean, and they can serve several purposes.
Aside from the purpose they were designed for – to hang right next to the cutting board and make sliding your prepped food into them a breeze, they can also be used for storage in both freezers and refrigerators. The high quality material will allow you to use them as regular containers for different meals, ice-cream, sauces, salad dressings etc. They come in different volumes/sizes, designed so they snuggly nest one into another, taking up very little space.

Lifetime Warranty

If maintained properly, the ChopSlide cutting boards come with a lifetime warranty.

Try it

We at the are mostly dedicated to shredders, slicers and cutters but we also recommend other quality, efficient kitchen tools. There are some things you just can’t finish without a knife and a board and in our opinion this cutting board deserves the right to be included in our offer.
With ChopSlide cutting board with containers cooking does not have to be a chore anymore. Try it out, you’ll see that it will quickly become one of your favorite kitchen tools.

Have fun cooking!