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  • Small sized, compact wooden cabbage shredder with three blades - front view
  • Small sized, compact cabbage shredder next to cabbage
  • Close view of compact cabbage shredder blades
  • Small wooden cabbage shredder on white background

Compact Cabbage Shredder

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Compact Cabbage Shredder

When you just want to shred one cabbage for a coleslaw, or quickly slice vegetables for a cooked dinner or salad you don’t need to bring out the “heavy artillery” such as large size cabbage shredder. Electric cutters and slicers are also big (and noisy!) and their parts are complicated to use and wash. For this simple task you need a tool that allows ease of handling and movement in the kitchen. You need the compact cabbage shredder.

Designed for Dynamics

The Compact Cabbage Shredder is all about kitchen dynamics. It offers most of the advantages of the large sized shredders, but with more comfort in handling. The compact frame and size makes it easier to move around the kitchen than a standard electrical slicer. It is perfect for quick and easy shredding of smaller amounts of cabbage and other vegetables. You don’t have to clear a lot of space on your kitchen counter to use it. The convenient handle enables you to hold the shredder with one hand and shred veggies with the other, on the fly.

We all know that food preparation can be time-consuming work, but remember – it is not work if you enjoy it! With this compact tool, your salad, coleslaw or kimchi will be ready in no time, with minimal effort.

Water-Resistant Wooden Body

Our products are made of beech wood, which is traditionally used for its tremendous durability. You don’t have to worry about water damaging or staining your shredder. Beech wood is famously resistant to prolonged exposure to water. The wood is not treated with paint, stain, polish or any other chemical substance. The natural look of the beech wood will add that wonderful vintage touch to your kitchen.

Sharp, Water Resistant Blades

Our cabbage shredder is equipped with three razor-sharp blades made of precision manufactured stainless steel. They make slicing super-fast and smooth.

A Lifetime Warranty

The sturdy design and top quality materials make our products extremely durable and reliable. To give our customers extra assurance, we offer a lifetime warranty for the wooden cabbage shredders from our shop, both for the compact and the large one.