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Lacto-fermentation – best ways to preserve food

Before we invented modern ways to preserve food, we used to store most of it for later use through process of lacto-fermentation. But it’s not just a mere way to prevent food from spoiling; ingredients exposed to this naturally occurring biological process actually become healthier! Lacto-fermentation enhances nutritional value of food and enriches it with healthy bacteria cultures, vitamins and minerals. Here are some interesting facts to help you understand how it works and how it creates all that good stuff in food. It will make you realize why our ancestors had healthier diets than us and why every home should use fermentation as a simple, healthy and sustainable way to preserve food. How does lacto-fermentation works? Simplified - lacto-fermentation is a naturally occurring process...

Homemade Fermented Vegetables – 5 Common Mistakes

Right way - Wrong way sign: Common mistakes made during the process of vegetable fermentation

Making fermented vegetables at home is an easy process if you know what you are doing. This super-healthy home-made food, when all is done properly, is a great source of vitamins, minerals and healthy gut bacteria. Fermenting microorganisms preserve the vegetables, give it fabulous taste and make our bodies healthy, strong and resilient to diseases. However, if not done properly, fermentation process can also create microorganisms that can be very harmful, make us sick, spoil the ingredients and make it taste terribly. Here are some common mistakes of vegetable fermentation process you can easily avoid and prevent possible problems and undesired results. Common mistakes during the process of vegetable fermentation Fermenting on low temperatures. It slows down, disrupts or prevents proper development of healthy microorganisms….